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Industrial Design Consulting Company

Forward Thinking

Thinking progressively, looking beyond the “now” and formulating strategies for future success – visionaries.

Idea to Product

Efficiently and effectively generating and developing ideas, through a design process, that leads to new products. 

End Product

Monitoring and covering every stage of production; from design to obtaining raw materials, to end product.

Who we are

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 , Stellenbosch based Industrial Design Consulting company, is an award winning Design Company with the creative ability and resources to evolve an idea into a draft concept, through industrialization and into reality.

We have 27+ years international consulting experience in industrial design on more than 500 projects. We have fully commercialized several in-house designs, resulting in worldwide patents. We focus on and have a full understanding of confidentiality and the protection of intellectual property.

RKID, Retief Krige Industrial Designers, was founded in 1995 by Retief Krige with a vision of bringing together people with character and skill who are determined to exceed the expectations of our client. At RKID, we are committed to excellence in our array of services including industrial, electrical, and IoT engineering, to mention a few.

Today, we bring a broad base of experience and new perspectives to projects in a variety of industries throughout our country, South Africa and the world.

SABS Design Institute – Expert Design Panel Member


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We pride ourselves on delivering first-time-right bespoke product design input and services to our clients.
This we do through an in-depth understanding of their requirements as well as the nature of the business environment in which they function.

Idea Generation


Design Development



Intellectual Property (IP)

Sales & Distribution