IoT Gateway

Connection to national and global networks

IP67-rated smart IoT-ready gateway (waterproof and fully protected agianst dust objects).


Product category                Industrial , Electronics
Application                            IoT Gateway
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IoT Gateway in an IP67-rated enclosure

No matter what your application, Chameloen, a smart I/O IoT receiver, will ensure reliable and secure connection to various networks, making this the ideal IoT device gateway.

The Way

An injection moulded IP67-rated enclosure that can be pole or wall mounted. Its configuration allows for easy connection of devices or sensors into this gateway.


The Who

If you your business is driven by technology and is in need of a gateway that can connect to different networks, the Chameleon IoT gateway is the ideal solution. Adaptable and configurable to your needs, whatever your use-case requirements.

The Where

Just connect and see how your data is uploaded through Chameleon’s multiple network capability.

Our Journey

The IoT is part of the forefront of technology, and RKid is fully geared to play its role in this field. This network gateway fits in well with other IoT projects we have in our portfolio.