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from idea to product

We pride ourselves on delivering first-time-right bespoke product design input and services to our clients.  This we do through an in-depth understanding of their requirements as well as the nature of the business environment in which they function.

Idea generation

Collaboration begins with a conversation. With a good understanding and respect towards confidentiality, we start off by discussing your product idea and dream.  This helps us to formulate a design brief and project proposal that will fit in with the budget for the project and other resources available.  With an emphasis on building Intellectual Property, we positively work to meet your requirements.

  explores external influences that drive the product specifications.  This includes market research, brand identity and manufacturing capabilities in order to explore, understand and even contribute to clients’ design requirements.  A bigger picture allows us to think outside the box.


We start the conceptualizing stage by developing an assortment of design ideas using draft sketches, study models and computer modeling.

This process enables the team to choose the best possible design solution.

In many cases, during this stage, new intellectual property is developed.

Design development

This is the engineering phase of the design process, which involves aspects such as manufacturing processes, material options, customer resources and assembly solutions. Our ability to advise on engineering-based design modifications, modern moulding materials and the sourcing of high quality competitive tooling greatly reduces tooling and related costs for our clients and considerably improves the quality and manufacturing cost of the products that we design.

Smooth transition from creative concept to detailed documentation is facilitated by means of a comprehensive drawing number system.  This system allows for easy version control throughout the various aspects of goods receiving, part ordering, production of parts and assemblies.


Prototyping is the process through which a physical part is created. Various processes can be used, depending on customer requirements.

In-house facilities, such as 3D-printing and CNC machining for rapid prototyping ensure fast turn-around. This is where ideas come to life!

In-house, low-volume injection mould capability.


We stay with the project throughout its complete cycle, managing/coordinating various disciplines and documenting schedules and outcomes.

If needed, we provide further engineering, prototypes and pre-production units, as well as liaison with the toolmaker and moulder.

Our network of suppliers and manufacturers ensures that clients experience a smooth, efficient and optimal product development process.

Providing a turnkey solution for your family of products.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Industrial design projects do not only play a role in creating new products, it also contributes to the intrinsic value of businesses with the new intellectual property that is being added. It is therefore important that the industrial design process also includes the protection of this added intellectual property as a part of the project plan and that it specifies well-timed and relevant action.

Having a thorough understanding and experience in this field,    can assist with planning and filing of patents, design registration and trademarks.

Sales and Distribution

A good design still needs an effective business model and a marketing strategy to be successful.  The closer the designer is to the end-user, the easier it becomes to introduce a design that will offer the desired user experience.

To create a product for the end user, the designer needs to think like the consumer.  This understanding adds value to the design process as it demonstrates the buying behaviour of the market and the value propositions it relates to.

Being close to the customer feedback enables us to adjust and improve while in progress.

Brand management. Online sales and social media marketingDistribution to retail stores.

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