Reddot winning Teardrop camper

Camping innovation!

Travelling and lifestyle camping with this teardrop trailer.


Product category                Retail, Automotive, roto moulding
Application                            Outdoor, camping
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Teardrop camper pod

The, Reddot award winnig, EdgeOut teardrop trailer is a small, caravan-like camper. It consists of two compartments, a sleeping pod and a rear-located kitchen unit. Evolving from the 1930’s, this design has a futuristic, faceted apperance. (Why does Elon Musk’s cyber truck suddenly spring to mind?)

The Way

Extreme camping trailers have become compact, but heavy. The choice of material is limited to aluminium and fibreglass and, in some cases, cladded wood. The EdgeOut’s new multi-dropped, roto-moulded body sets a new standard in the outdoor camping world. This pod is moulded as a single closed compartment, eliminating joints and possible leaks or separation on bumpy roads. Normal camper designs follow a traditional approach of ‘form follow function’, starting from the inside working towards the outside shape. In this case, the aim was a teardrop shape and we followed the alternative approach, namely ‘function followed form”.

The Who

The EdgeOut lifestyle trailer is aimed at a small family wanting to travel light and set up in a few minutes. This could be for a mountain biking event away from home, a road trip through the wilderness, or just a quick weekend away after a busy week. EdgeOut allows you to just open you pod with your fully equipped kitchen and bedding in place.

The Where

The unit consists of two main roto-moulded components, each with a separately moulded door that is designed around a water- and dustproof seal. All available space has been utilized to accommodate accessories, with the remaining space transforming into storage compartments. The unit is fitted with a kitchen which includes pressurised hot water, a basin, a two-plate gas burner, microwave oven and dedicated space for your own camping fridge/freezer. On the braked chassis we have a 100 liter water tank, gas geyser, storage space for braai gear, ground covers, chairs and foldup table, to name a few. On top we have a fold-out bat-wing awning, roof top tent and rails to hold sport gear such as a MT bike or canoe. Inside the main pod we have a queen size double bed, bedrest (that folds to your ideal angle), cupboards, LED lights, and a privacy cubical that drops down onto your pod door. This allows you to dress into your favourite set of pyjamas before getting into your luxury pod, well isolated and padded against the neighbours’ snoring in the tent next-door.

Our Journey

When our client – 4EVR – Plastics – approached us to become part of this development, we at RKid, knew  this could be a game changer for this rather diverse and exciting market. With a new material in an existing market, we as designers had the opportunity to do things differently and move the bar to a much higher level. This resulted in an exciting journey to design a product, and develop a brand with exciting partners, in a new business venture called EdgeOut.