Mapped orchard yield allows for site specific crop management and precision agriculture.

Accurately capture data that relate to the yield of oranges within orange groves in order to improve orchard management and to make production decisions for the future.

Product category             IoT, Agri
Application                         Crop data capture
Product link                        www.picklogger.co.za
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GPS Locates Each Crop Picked

A retrofitted device that is designed to fit and operate with a standard harvesting scissors. This will allow a farmer to view crop harvesting data in a whole new way, by knowing where fruits are picked. This data is then mapped to show crop intensity, weight distributions and abnormal patterns that can be of significant value.

The Way

Harvest clipper-mounted device collects data and sends it in compacted format to a cloud platform which, in turn, provides the extracted result in a user-friendly mapped format. This is an accurate and valuable view on the yield, linked to the logged events, which is all part of precision agriculture.

The Who

Farming has become more of a science and tools to assist framers in gathering and interpreting data is a corner stone of farming in the future. If you have proper and relevant data you can adjust, act and fine tune your farming activities. 

The Where

Orange farmers can easily upgrade their existing harvest clippers to enable it to collect and log the pick data from orchards during harvest season. The device can collect up to 10 000 data points per day. Its design compliments the ergonomic design of the clippers for the benefit of the harvesters who repeatedly perform clipping actions during each day during the harvest season.

Our Journey

Being close to nature is where I grew up. The challenges of a crude and demanding environment is very real in this application, and good design insight with forward and practical thought, proved to be invaluable when designing Picklogger.