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IP67 asset tracking device – rugged, waterproof and fully protected against dust


Product category                Industrial , Electronics
Application                            Asset tracking
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Tracking and fleet monitoring IP67 enclosure

This device with an IP67 dust and waterproof rating helps you keep an eye on your assets and enhance your security anytime, anywhere. Designed to be robust, this little box can withstand abuse and provides you with real-time monitoring.

The Way

Knowing where and how your assets are performing is an important management requirement. This wireless device helps the fleet operator to act and respond in real time to any event that can put the asset or operator at possible risk.

The Who

Real-time monitoring is an important tool for operational and control rooms, not only for current events, but also to have access to historical data. It also assists in planning for maintenance and other scheduled activities.

The Where

Placed onboard and wirelessly connected via a network, this device can take the shock and prevent water ingress which is a known hazard in this harsh environment.

Our Journey

RKid have worked on many onboard tracking devices over many time. Our experience of simple solid structures is shown in this IP67-rated enclosure. A moulded seal, fixed in place but still allowing multiple openings, forms part of this design. Our experience with seal designs and placement came in handy with this device which is deployed in environments where the unit is placed in moisture-exposed, temperature fluctuating applications.  A cable grommet with external strain relief allows for an extra level of protection against misuse or tampering.