Bicycle Light

Extend your riding time to day and night…

Properly, well-lit single tracks will keep a rider on his bike and pushing forward. This easy-to-adjust performance bicycle light not only lets you see far ahead and around you, but is exactly what you need for mountain biking night stage events.


Product category                Retail, outdoor, sport
Application                            Bicycle handle bar light
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High-powered LED bicycle light

An easy-to-fit bicycle light.  Purpose-design as a wide hotspot light that can fade into a 180-degree wide beam. This handlebar light comes with a height capacity power pack that generates a beam distance of up to 240m.

This is the ideal light for a trail riding mountain biker.

The Way

Bicycle lights have developed over many years, with high power LED’s that give a rider a range of options to suit various scenarios – fast narrow winding tracks, to wide slow straight tracks. Adjustability, with a proper range of good light, is a must for a serious mountain biker.

The Who

Trail riding consists of numerous technical tracks where properly-lit paths are important.  This handlebar mounted bicycle light has a beam that follows your ride direction and makes for a ride where you can perform best.

The Where

The light attaches to the bike handlebar with an easy to adjust clamp bracket, while the battery power pack is strapped to the bike frame. Power on/off and beam selection buttons are conveniently placed at the back of the handlebar light unit and is within easy reach of the rider.

Our Journey

Being close to the Jonkershoek mountains in Stellenbosch where I live, I am a keen mountain biker. The challenges to design a rugged TOP OF THE RANGE light was quite an honour to this well-established bicycle brand Extream lights.

I really enjoy my “self-designed“ bike light on my early-morning rides, before I hit the design studio.