Joining system for thin panel CNC cut boards.

My Pocket Factory (MPF) are freestanding structural items made from board material. 

Product category             Retail, Homeware
Application                          Manufacturing system
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Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing requires modern joinery techniques to be able to enter the ready-to-assembly market.

Easy 3-step home assembly with a strong and versatile joining system.



The Way

Injection moulding was selected for the design of this product.  The main reason was a good production price per unit, based upon production in high volumes.  Various colours and material types are available to fit user requirements for this product. This is a high investment, but low unit cost route with good quality and reputable components.

The Who

Exhibition stand builders, furniture manufacturers, POD stand suppliers – if you work with board material, this is the way to manage construction with ease!

The Where

Find our system by spotting this in retail shelving, display stands, furniture … or buy a design online from us and we will ship the suitable pre-configured set of fittings to complete your digital DIY board project.

Our Journey

Joining wooden panels – this was and still is one of the basic building methods that even myself as a child used to construct items to play in or with.  Treehouses, go-carts, a kennel for my dog, a doll’s house for my sister. When I became a dad, I wanted to do this in a better way.  The panels were still the same, but now we have so many more tools as well as new technology. This was the birth of a fitting/connector that became the catalyst to many a project. Not only did this inspire the construction of a product or structure, it became a business on its own.  Mere fitting become a system that expanded into solutions and options to do almost anything.  This fitting solves the problem of having limited options to join board material.  (Panel) boards are cut with digital manufacturing and cutting machines, so that users receive, together with a design, fittings and ready-to-assemble, functional freestanding pieces.

Follow the link below to learn more about MPF and how you can order something functional or fun for your living, working or trading space.  Browse, be inspired and download digital design files that offer eco-friendly, cost effective alternatives to mass-production.  If you order the digital design with fittings, you do not need any tools (it’s all included in your pack).  The design and fittings work with different thickness of material – all created to be light, sturdy and lasting.  You get to create the last mile – painting, carving or draping your piece of beautiful.