A water-saving water inlet in rural settings for washing hands.

Flush toilets in shanty towns and informal settlements are not equipped with basins in which hands can be washed after using the toilet. It is now possible to easily upgrade flush toilets with this rotomoulded basin to create a hand-washing facility.

Product category              Homeware
Application                          Sanitation
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Hygiene First

This design makes use of the inlet water that is redirected through a spout, before entering the cistern container.

After flushing, users now have clean running water to wash their hands. No water is wasted and the standard cistern system had now been upgraded to offer more functionality.

The Way

Rotomoulding is an ideal process for low volume production on large container type products. This moulding process is done around a single skin closed structure and is formed by spinning the mould and using heat and gravity to reshape it into a thermoplastic product.

The Who

This utilitarian-based project was designed for and rolled out in the rural areas in close proximity to Cape Town.

The Where

This project was driven by the rugged requirements for rural and communal infrastructure. Products in this field must be unbreakable, easy to use and have minimal second hand value or use.

Our Journey

Communal flush toilets had their lids removed due to theft and users had no water nearby to wash their hands. The driving force behind this project was to do something to improve the quality of life for those using these communal facilities. Washing your hands in the next person’s flush… although the concept is not new, this project was structured around a specific need. The results were simple and practical, and the user experience outstanding. Basin fits onto cisterns used in these environments and are secured in a functional way. All and all, a positive project that made a difference in user experience and convenience. 

Well done City of Cape Town!