Table Lamp

A high volume,  iconic table centerpiece.

Ready to wine and dine? I have been the center of many romantic evenings, setting the right mood for that perfect occasion.

Product category            Homeware, Retail
Application                        Table lamp
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Starry, starry night

Indoor or outdoor, this oil lamp sets the right mood. An eminent item on most restaurant tables, this injection and blow-moulded combination has more than meets the eye.

The low temperature burning oil will not ignite until it reaches burning temperature which makes for a very safe option, especially with children (and that special loved one!) close by. 

The Way

Injection moulding was selected for the design of the lens part of this product. The main reason was a good production price per unit, based upon production in high volumes. To produce the container, a process of blow-moulding was used, as this was the best method to create a closed container structure with a threaded opening.

The Who

Suppliers of supporting products in the food and beverage industry know very well what will sell to restaurateurs. In this case Table Lamp has become an undeniable favourite!

The Where

Restaurants are often intimate venues where special memories are made. At the centre and adding magic to the moment is a jewel-like lamp with a soft-burning flame, a branded, high-gloss flame cover and an elegant oil container base.

Our Journey

Two ladies who had a dream of selling a new style-and-feel restaurant lamp to the catering industry.  The project turned into a successful business model that provides in restaurateurs’ requirements to offer a trouble-free solution to spice up evening events, whether indoors or outside in the open air. Branded and colour coordinated, all adding value and flair to the occasion.