GS - Seismic Hub

A module enclosure, developed for the mining industry, that had been configured to house an extensive family of products.

“When down here, be aware”, says the Hub, “I can save your life.  My sensors monitor the strength of the rock wall and will warn you when to evacuate should any of the mine shafts become unstable.”

Product category              Industrial
Application                          Monitoring tool
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Ground Control

This injection moulded enclosure houses a full range of product configurations. From a power supply, network interface to controller, this design keeps the system up-gradable and allows the user to build, configure and expand as needed.

This family of products relies on a common enclosure but carries a product-specific user interface. All the modules are DIN rail mounted, making fitment and reconfiguration easy.

The Way

Injection moulding was selected for the design of this product. The main reason was a good production price per unit, based upon production in high volumes.  The internal parts were fabricated as sheet metal “power shields” to adhere to safety regulations.

The Who

Underground mining can be a risky operation. This seismic specialist company not only develops software, but designs and builds state-of-the art systems to ensure early warning to prevent loss of lives in case of underground rock falls.

The Where

An effective and functional network of sensors, hubs and controllers form the backbone of this intricate seismic system, with the main aim to have real-time information of the stability of ground formations.

Our Journey

The best looking DB arrangement you will ever find – but you’ll have to go underground to catch a glimpse of this rare design. This international customer, based in Tasmania, had some of his multitude of skilled scientists and engineers working with us on this project. Our company was assigned the design of a housing that can be adapted to accommodate all their electronic modules needed to sense, connect and control critical node points underground. All these modular units had to be DIN rail mounted side by side.