Solar Geyser


Cost effective and local too; lets show the world how we can do it better.

Lovely – I nééd my hot shower before I go to bed.

Product category              Homeware, Retail
Application                          Hot water supply
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Perfect Temperature

All people should have the comfort of having running hot water in their homes.

With increasing electricity costs, this solar-powered vacuum tube hot water system supplies hot water which is stored in an isolated geyser, ready for use … and it won’t break the bank!

The Way

Blow moulding is the ideal process for forming a container-shaped design. The high volume production rate of this process makes this an ideal end user price point solution.

The Who

International bulk product supplier with solar solutions.

The Where

Production and price point were the drivers in the supply chain with a focus on large orders.

Our Journey

Our involvement in solar heating has developed over the years as this market and, more specifically, the drive for local content, made it more attractive for local companies to develop solutions in this field.  The advantage of a local design for local use, allowed this product to become an established and approved method of manufacturing.