Refuse Bin Security System

Keeping your neighborhood clean on refuse collection day.

Product category            Homeware
Application                         Waste securing system
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Wheelie bin locking system

Manage the household waste cycle and be Waste Wise with a self-activating  gravity lock which keeps the lid secured, yet releasing automatically when the wheelie bin is lifted and tilted by the refuse removal truck.

Designed for easy installation to adapt to any type 240 liter wheelie bin to secure the waste content (but still lifter friendly).

The Way

Injection moulding was selected for the design of this product.  The main reason was a good production price per unit, based upon production in high volumes.  Stamping and bending of metal parts as functional mechanical components take place as a parallel process.  All these are assembled and tested to ensure a complete and reliable working mechanism.

The Who

Wheelie bin users are often faced with events and activities beyond their control when they put their refuse bins out onto the street on refuse collection day.  These could include the wind blowing over the bins, or those that rummage the bins for various reasons, often spilling the content onto the street.  With this product, residents can pro-actively contribute to protecting the environment and keeping the streets clean, especially in densely-populated residential areas.

The Where

This design is part service and part product, and only a total solution once installed onto the bin.  Home owners and residents can order this online, with third party listed installers that can assist to install this DIY product at your home, if required.

Our Journey

Binguard started in a slightly different guise in 2005 when we first designed a refuse bin locking system, pivotal around the need to prevent feral baboons from gaining access to refuse containers on premises and on the streets in areas close to nature around Table Mountain, Cape Town.  After thorough trails which involved Cape Town City Council and other role players, we’ve developed a product fit for the requirements of this unique and challenging environment.  Today Binguard focuses on a gravity lock product that we also have developed in-house.  Binguard is an upgrade of the original system which residents can now order to install on their 240 litre municipal wheelie bins in order to secure the contents on refuse collection day.  In this case, refuse removal truck lifting mechanisms enable the gravity lock to open automatically when the bin is lifted onto the truck to release the bin content into the truck’s refuse container.  Thank you, Binguard users, for your appreciation of and compliments on this proud design.