Water Filter

Glug, glug…

Clean drinking water is something that many people do not have access to.  How reassuring it is to know that your water filter has done its job of ensuring that you your water is safe to drink.

This household water filter is recognized and used in many parts of the world.

Product category              Homeware, Retail
Application                           Water purifier
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Water Purification

Water – nature’s gift to keep us alive.

The Way

Injection moulding was selected for the design of this product.  The main reason was a good production price per unit, based upon production in high volumes.

The Who

A technology-based incubator.

The Where

The application product for new technology.

Our Journey

Whenever new technology is introduced, it requires an application product that is also a first.  In this instance a new method of household water filtration had been developed and our design was a first to showcase and demonstrate this new technology.