Traffic Controller

Red, amber or green!

This box makes the rules. Here every vehicle must await its turn.

A high value industrial measuring platform.

Product category             Electronic
Application                         Intersection control
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Four + phase with manual onsite police override panel access, enables this controller to ensure proper traffic flow at intersections all around town. The modular rack-alike design allows for configuration upgrades, when required, as traffic intersections tend to expand over time. This product has proven itself over many years as a benchmark when it comes to hardware layout for these systems. 

The Way

Cutting and folding sheet metal is seen as part of digital manufacturing with low setup costs and production in low volumes. Price point is stable and changes are easy to implement. Manufacture of complex structural items is further more possible. Proper design ensures component reputability, good fit, ease of assembly and a reduced component count. Add to this a well-designed identity that doesn’t look like the average “DB box”.

The Who

One of our biggest traffic system developers, with in-house development and assembly capabilities, that handles roll-outs and support to mayor municipalities around South Africa.

The Where

Traffic infrastructure is part of everyday life and mostly goes unnoticed. Check out the Movac range controller enclosures next time while you are waiting at a traffic light.

Our Journey

This project to date is a record. One of the few projects, where the original design (to component level) is still manufactured in exactly the same way for the last 15+ years. Any designer would be proud that the simplicity in design and modular way have stood the test of time. Not only by design, but also the process to fit production requirements have remained the same. Only technology will decide if this “long distance design” will remain current.