Traditional Coffeemaker

A kettle with a mind – controlled by a Middle East coffee tradition.

In need of a coffee fix? This product will help you to simplify the complex and time consuming process of making traditional Arabic coffee in the way its done in many Arabic countries throughout the Middle East.

Product category            Homeware, Retail
Application                        Traditional Arabic coffee
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Arabic Aroma

Western coffee boilers are just not right when it comes to the Arabic way of making traditional coffee. The cycle of boiling a simmering Arabic coffee called for a custom-controlled unit that will bring the deep-rooted, popular Arabic tradition into the modern, easy way of life.

This design was styled inline with traditional Middle Eastern forms and shapes, with a definite visual link to the clothing worn by Saudi women. This was an interesting opportunity working with a female entrepreneur in Riyadh.

The Way

A number of processes were selected based around the identity and volume of production needed.  In this case forming of metal parts and injection moulded support parts created the basis for this high-value home appliance.

The Who

Managing not only a brand, but a cultural experience, Yatooq presents a modern approach to a time-honoured traditional ritual.

The Where

Retail and experience-based outlets support the brand, where this exceptional appliance is the anchor in a business model that also offers related consumables.

Our Journey

Designing for and working with international customers has always been an enriching experience. In this case it was even more so as the creative process took place in totally different cultural surroundings. Unforeseen challenges and having to work within specific cultural considerations, especially called for a creative and determined approach. To get there, was an experience very few designers would understand.  A thrilling and enjoyable project to have been a part of.