Tempo Track

Real-time process monitoring

Installed above a flotation cell, this device monitors and optimizes the flotation process.

Product category                Industrial
Application                            Mining
Product link                           bluecubesystems.com

Optic Process Monitoring

A durable, cast alloy enclosure ensures that this product is able to withstand extreme environments. This camera unit will therefore survive the abuse of the harsh mining processing plant environment.

No two installations needs to be the same as mounting options allow for multiple configurations to ensure constant readings of valuable minerals values.

The Way

Aluminum sand-casted shell that is post machined to form an IP68 Waterproof enclosure. Fabricated sheet metal brackets and accessories complete the rugged and industrial unit.

The Who

Mining is a volume operation.  This real-time monitoring specialist company not only develops software, but design and builds state of the art equipment to ensure higher return by monitoring processes and allowing for live process control.

The Where

The driver on this project was the rugged requirements, installment to various site infrastructures and the protection of fine electronics in an very extremely harsh environment.

Our Journey

Designing customized mining enclosures is an area where we have done a number of projects. Our designs have stood the test of time and units similar to these have already been in production for more than 15 years.