SOS - IoT Device

IoT – A product device use case.

The Internet of Things in action! Track, record, monitor, assist, prevent…

Product category              Electronic, IoT
Application                          Personal security
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Never Alone

A Sigfox IoT-ready product that is used for personal tracking and monitoring of an individual’s whereabouts.

Never feel alone with this IoT device within close proximity.  A trackable SOS button which can be activated during emergencies. Once activated, a notification is sent to acknowledge the emergency.

The Way

Injection moulding was selected for the design of this product.  The main reason was a good production price per unit, based upon production in high volumes. Various colours and material types are available to fit user requirements for this product. This is a high investment, but low unit cost route with good quality and reputable components.

The Who

A major role player in the IoT industry.  To be on the forefront of technology requires a visionary designer who is constantly thinking ahead to stay out front, able to meet the challenges related to creating small and low power wearable devices.

The Where

This is a typical example of a use case application in the IoT environment.

Our Journey

The Internet of Things, a buzzword that quickly became a reality. This project is an example of a use case specific device, where form, factor and power usage drive the size and shape of the final product.  An IoT device with an identity – there are certainly not many examples of this type of product around yet during this early stage of an era that requires development of narrow band technology.