Power Quality Meter

A high-value industrial measuring platform.

Electricity at source. This device allows for proper power quality metering at substation level.

Product category                Industrial
Application                            Power measure tool
Product link                           www.ctlab.com
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Technical Fault Finder

This android-based, compact assembly with a custom multi-touchscreen had been constructed in a layered design. One of many design challenges was to ensure having access to various internal layers, keeping the FPCs connected during technical fault-finding and service.

An integrated heat sink, assisted by a fan, cools this unit down while it’s performing a magnitude of powerful calculations.

The Way

Low volume CNC fabrication, combined with clever mould setup for injection moulded trimmings, gives this product a high-class and quality appearance, although it is manufactured in higher volumes.

The Who

A development house specializing in measurement of high-voltage power quality.

The Where

A focused market for this specialized instrument consisting mainly of power suppliers and consumers in bulk.

Our Journey

A product that have evolved not only in mechanical design, but also in technology.  A top-of-the-range power quality instrument, with features that will blow your mind, but not your fuse!