Power Badger

Be ready for load shedding!

A plug-and-play solution designed to get you through load shedding. Charge it on the grid when the power supply is on and it powers your appliances when the power supply is down.

Product category              Homeware
Application                          Power supply
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To the Rescue

Power Badger 400

This little rascal powers the basics. Perfect for a student, to keep the entertainment going at home, or run a business until the generator kicks in.

Power Badger 1600

The Power Badger 1600 will take on entertainment at home, plus two light load appliances, for example an electric blanket or power drill.  This design is a combination of retro and metro-type styling to suite most interior design schemes.

The Way

A mixed-fabrication approach was followed which involved internal sheet metal char-chase with a collar like metal collar and a pressed melanin-textured face. These processes were selected as it allows for low volume fabrication with a high quality look and feel which fits well into both office and home environments.

The Who

A development house with an in-house development team able to push power performance to a next level and who was looking for a fill-in project that could broaden their business output.

The Where

Home and small offices that are looking for a backup power system to keep the lights on, as utility power suppliers are seemingly experiencing constant challenges in service providing.

Our Journey

Load shedding – very much a South African phenomena – together with a business with in-house abilities. Badger was born during a time when South Africa was facing ongoing interruptions in power supply.  The challenge was to design a product that resembled domestic items such as furniture so that it not only could blend in when installed in homes or small offices, but able to immediately take over the supply of power during grid load-shedding.