Fleet Diagnostic

Telematics at its best.

Tracking and managing solution for fleet operators.

This device, developed for the latest CAN technology, forms part of a bigger system of monitoring various aspects of the vehicles in a vehicle fleet.  Track, record, monitor, assist and prevent … used in fleet management on various levels, from private to corporate.

Product category             Electronics
Application                          Fleet management
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Fleet Monitoring Device

For the serious fleet owner and operator. This device enables the sensing of CAN command in order to know the status of switching.

Information is the key to manage your fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles with this signal diagnostic device.

In vehicle tracking and monitoring devices, tampering and similar activities (even unscrupulous driver involvement) can take place. Tracking device enclosures must therefore be designed in such a way that it will prevent interference with the device.

The Way

Injection moulding was selected for the design of this product. The main reason was a good production price per unit, based upon production in high volumes.  Blow moulding, furthermore, was used to produce the container as this was the process most suited to create a closed container structure with a threaded opening.

The Who

A major role player in the international fleet managing industry. To be on the forefront of technology, requires a visionary designer who is constantly thinking ahead to stay out front, able to meet the challenges created by vehicle manufacturers as well as the requirements of users.

The Where

This product forms part of an integrated system and is designed around a number of installation scenarios.

Our Journey

To have access to controlling and signal information relating to your fleet is what this industry is all about.  As technology and signal control evolved over recent years, so has the way in which controlling data is sensed.  This design catered for a number of installation options, as the nature of installations vary between vehicle manufacturers.