ECG Monitor

Combining soft and hard materials to achieve IP and drop test requirements.

Interpreting your heartbeat might be a daunting task for an inexperienced medical professional, but with this device, the results are based on a proven algorithm to ensure a proper diagnosis.

Product categoryMedical
ApplicationDetect and diagnose heart abnormalities
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Heartbeat Reader

Medical equipment calls for a good understanding of regulatory requirements. This was especially true for this product.

An IP rating of IP65, with a drop test of up to 1m, were required. The solution was to balance and suspend weight to form a flexible but solid assembly. The combination of soft and hard moulded materials was the answer. This feature was then extended to strengthen the assembly and contribute to visual identity.

The Way

Injection moulding was selected for the design of this product. The main reason was a good production price per unit, based upon production in high volumes.  Various colours and material types are available to fit user requirements for this product. This is a high cost investment, but low unit cost route with good quality and reputable components.

The Who

A software company that codes algorithms to assist medical practitioners in making diagnosis. Although the combination of algorithms and medical diagnosis may sound out of the ordinary, it becomes the medical professional’s second opinion when your life is in their hands.

The Where

Collecting data to build an algorithm and supporting medical specialists when making a diagnosis – this is where this medical device fits into the picture and helps to save lives.

Our Journey

The members of the project team were all based in the Stellenbosch Techno Park. Being within close proximity of one another enhanced project integration in designing and building this state-of-the-art medical device. Of an intricate nature and having to comply with numerous regulatory requirements – not to mention the mechanical drop testing and testing for water tightness! – lead to this product being our portfolio item that we are rather proud of!