Ground take-off and landing control module

Be aware… you might just be watched from high above!

Product category                Industrial
Application                            Military
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Eye In The Sky

These manual on-site control units will ensure safe take-off and landing during any type of surveillance operation. The unit have the ability to keep cool, even in extreme hot desert conditions, due to its integrated heat sink design.

Reflective techniques, furthermore, are used to radiate heat when used in direct sunlight.

The Way

The combination of low volume CNC fabrication, a custom glass screen and standard military spec buttons, gives this a product an upmarket and high quality look and feel, as if manufactured in high volumes.

The Who

A development house specializing in military specification projects that tapped into our network of well-established military product history to ensure well designed and well-built products in reduced turnaround times.

The Where

To meet military specs, South Africa with its history of military product design and manufacturing, was the best one-stop solution.

Our Journey

“Charley… Echo… this is Bravo. What is your status? Over.”
“Bravo, we need to reload. Over.”
“Charley, Echo… override approved. On the double. Over.”